Aunty Rose Borey award has spent many years of dedication to the Island’s community and is still active today. Preserving the history of the island by sharing knowledge and involving herself in community engagements including Redland City Council, Dunwich State School, North Stradbroke Island Museum, she shares her knowledge with young and old locals and visitors to Minjerribah. At 90 years young, she is still dedicated in keeping Minjerribah at the forefront of Brisbane.

Aunty Rose Borey
Mazzoni Plant Hire Lifetime Achievement Award 

Events + Projects

Goompi Gala Naidoc Dinner

2019 goompi naidoc AWARDS

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Goompi NAIDOC Awards! You do our community so proud! 

 Distinguished- Professor, Aunty Aileen Moreton-Robinsonhas dedicated her life to advocating for rights Indigenous women and people more generally, at home and across the world. 

She is acclaimed, the world over. She is articulate and knowledgeable beyond measure. Her pride and identity are at the forefront of all that she does. She is always happy to help and teach when asked. Is an amazing mother, grandmother, aunty and friend. She was the first Aboriginal person to be appointed to a mainstream lecturing position in women's studies in Australia. Her thesis was picked up and published as a book 'Talkin up to the White Woman' and is one of the most talked about resources on Indigenous feminism, the world over.

Distinguished-Professor Aunty Aileen Moreton-Robinson
Mazzoni Plant Hire Lifetime Achievement Award 

Aunty Maureen Myers is an outstanding woman and well respected Elder. She has dedicated her entire life to Our Community some 60+ years, since being born & raised here maintaining connection, teaching culture & always sharing invaluable knowledge of her islands rich history.

She is always willing to lend a hand,  whether it be for a community event, meeting or sorry business. The sheer Willpower, Commitment, Dedication and Empowerment she gives to our community, never goes unnoticed. She is kind, caring and humble. 

Aunty Maureen Myers
Elder of the Year - Female

Uncle Norm Enoch is a proud Quandamooka man. He is  committed and passionate to the Island community. He is always happy to provide support and guidance to those that visit Elders, including the younger community and school groups that visit. He is available at Elders to yarn with and assists by doing Welcome to Country when invited on the island and across the Redlands City Council area. He is humble, yet immensely knowledgeable and always willing to share his knowledge with those that take the time to listen. He is always sharing stories about history and his ancestors.

Uncle Norm Enoch
Elder of the Year - Male

Tegan Burns received an extraordinary 28 nominations and was clearly the most deserving of this award. Going above and beyond her job description and always embracing the monumental work load with a pleasant, happy & polite disposition . 

With strong knowledge of her community and culture. She always shows a positive attitude towards her work.What makes her stand out is her pride and passion for the Minjerribah community, young and old. She is a role model for our workplace and wider community - a quite role model who inspires us day in day out. 

Tegan Burns
Employee of the Year

The winner of this award is awarded to one of the islands most successful businesses, a local 100% Indigenous Owned Business creating jobs and opportunities for locals and indigenous youth on NSI. Offering employment and training opportunities to the youth on the Island is a big step to helping improve their lives and steering them down the right path and away from unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse. They are proud to have reached their goal of 50% indigenous employment rate within the company.


Mazzoni Plant Hire
Aboriginal Business of the Year

Keiron Costelloe is a proud community member and goes above and beyond for the community. He is the coach of the Open's Men's football team Through work he organises a number of youth focused programs such as School Holiday Programs, Homework club, breakfast club, Surf program and school health check days. He has been actively supporting the youth of this community since I myself was a child, is always there to support his community whether by just giving a lift or being there to have a yarn. He’s deserving of recognition but will humbly avoid the limelight, but tonight there’s no escaping the limelight.

Keiron Costelloe
Community Person of the Year

The winner of the first person of the year award is the founder of a local business that shares knowledge of Gorrie culture from Stradbroke Island, talks about the structure and landscape of the island the history of Aboriginal Culture and living culture that still exists today. Giving a different view on how the Indigenous culture and landscape of the Island is being maintained, share the knowledge that is required of our ancestors and how they lived thousands of years before colonization came in play. He is natural motiviator to his family and community, always willing to lend a hand and passionate about truth telling. 

Brian Coghill
Person of the Year

The recipient of the award has endlessly served the community and played a monumental part in setting up the Quandamooka Lands Council and the CDEP, ultimately creating employment and training opportunities were available for the Quandamooka people that were otherwise unheard of. Through his life long efforts, he has dedicated himself to ensuring justice for his people. He has always been a part of the political movements of the Brisbane Blacks, travelling to participate in calls for treaty, protests against Aboriginal deaths in custody whilst always fighting for justice locally on Stradbroke. As a carpenter he has taught the trade to his apprentices including his son and nephew. He is the current Chairperson of the One Mile Residents Aboriginal Corporation. 

Dale Ruska
Person of the Year

The winner of this award is a proud quandamooka artist whose work has been featured on the global stage. She was the artist behind the 2018 Gold coast commonwealth games Medals. Through her art work she tells the stories of her familys lived experiences of North Stradbroke Island

Delvene Cockatoo- Collins
Artist of the Year

Mikayla Houston is the winner of the Written/ Spoken Word Award. She has performed and presented her work at Deadly Voices, performances and plays. Her work is engaging, powerful and truth telling, enrapturing the 2019 NAIDOC them, Voice, Treaty, Truth. 

Mikayla Houston 
Spoken Word Piece of the Year

Tyrone Costelloe won the Year 4 Premier Reading Challenge in 2018 by reading as many books as he could. He has represented Dunwich State School in many sporting activities. He is a Eco Marine Ambassador and proud of his Aboriginal culture. 

Tyrone Costelloe
Youth of the Year (Male)

 Ruby Law is well behaved, respectful of others and always eager to help. She is a very good achiever, she tries her best at all subjects and doesn't quit. Her attendance is awesome and that reflects on her academic performance. She is good at leading and is an excellent role model for all.

Ruby Law
Youth of the Year (Female)