Kristen Bell-Keskinen is a proud Murri

woman from the Bindal, Wulgurukaba and

Juru people from north Queensland and the

Butchulla people from K’gari (Fraser Island).


Kristen grew up on North Stradbroke Island.

She has always maintained her close

connection to the island, which she considers her home, and its people, who she considers her family.  Kristen is passionate about working for and with her mob and has structured her career to enable her to do this. Kristen would like to utilise her skills to make a difference in the lives of the island’s youth. She would like to promote positive identities of self, family and community.

Kristen’s work has included the facilitation and organising of youth and community events and programs.  As a member of Goompi Projects, Kristen aims to continue this work by creating uplifting and positive experiences for her community and its people.